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Touchdown Football

611 - Sports Challenge Football


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Touchdown Football

Our New Football Challenge Sports for the little ones and big ones, this unit can actually be used in combination with other sport inflatables and set up a theme, either sports or just the other Football like the Field Goal or the Football Challenge One on One.

Who is this for? Kids 5 and up.

How many at a time? 1

Safety Features: Very enUnavailable to void throws at by-passers..

Setup Area: 14 L X 9 W X 12 H

Circuits: 1

Product Id: 611 - Football

Customer Reviews
Football Fun Fact
Did you know that the first football game played between college teams took place on November 6, 1869? It was a match between Rutgers and Princeton University, and the game ended with a score of 6-4 in favor of Rutgers. This historic game is considered the birth of American football as we know it today.
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