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Premium Dunk Tank

392 - Premium Dunk Tank 500 Gallons


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Premium Dunk Tank

Looking for a fun and exciting activity to add to your next church or school event? Look no further than our huge Dunk Tank, capable of holding 500 gallons of water! This Dunk Tank is the perfect addition to any event, providing hours of entertainment for both participants and spectators alike.

Who is this for?18 and over.

How many at a time? 1

Safety Features: Window to protect from balls.

Setup Area: 10 L X 10 W X 8 H

Product Id: 392 - Dunk Tank

Customer Reviews
Dunk Tank Fun Facts
  1. Splash-tastic Invention: Dunk tanks have been around for over a century! They were invented in the early 20th century and quickly became a popular attraction at carnivals, fairs, and fundraisers. Kids have been enjoying the thrill of dunking their friends and family members for generations.

  2. Soak Your Teacher Day: Some schools organize special events like "Soak Your Teacher Day" using dunk tanks as a fun way to raise funds for school activities or charities. Kids line up for the chance to dunk their teachers or principals, creating unforgettable memories and lots of laughter.

  3. Celebrity Dunk Tanks: Dunk tanks aren't just for regular folks; celebrities love them too! Many charity events feature celebrity dunk tanks where famous personalities volunteer to get dunked in exchange for donations. It's a hilarious sight to see your favorite stars taking the plunge for a good cause.

  4. Splashy Science Lesson: Dunk tanks provide a hands-on lesson in physics! Kids can learn about gravity, buoyancy, and the laws of motion as they aim to hit the target and send someone plunging into the water. It's a fun way to explore scientific concepts in action.

  5. Summer Splash Parties: Dunk tanks are a staple at summer splash parties! Kids gather to take turns throwing balls at the target, eagerly waiting for the satisfying splash when they hit the mark. It's a fantastic way to cool off on hot summer days and bond with friends over friendly competition.


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