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119 - 13x13 Lego Jump

119 - 13x13 Lego Jump


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Any birthday party or gathering can be made even more enjoyable with the remarkable 13x13 Lego Bounce House featuring a Basketball Hoop. This inflatable play structure guarantees countless hours of amusement for children of varying ages. The vibrant and captivating Lego-inspired design is certain to captivate the attention of young attendees, while the basketball hoop introduces an exciting element of exhilaration and friendly rivalry. Crafted from robust materials, this bounce house is engineered to endure enthusiastic play and withstand wear and tear.

The Lego Bounce House not only delivers entertainment but also encourages physical activity and social engagement. Children can delight in jumping and bouncing to their heart's content, thereby improving their coordination, balance, and overall fitness. The basketball hoop further amplifies the enjoyment, fostering friendly competition and aiding in the development of teamwork and sportsmanship skills. Parents can relax and enjoy the festivities, reassured by the fact that their children are joyfully engaged in a secure and supervised environment. With its thrilling design and limitless possibilities for amusement, the Lego Bounce House is guaranteed to be a resounding success at any birthday celebration or special occasion.

Setup Area: 15 L X 15 W X 12 H

How Many Can Play?: 6-8

Dedicated Circuit(s): 1

Best For Ages: 1+

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