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619 - Camo Combat Challenge


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Camo Combat Challenge

Prepare for the ultimate challenge with our Camo Combat Challenge, specially designed for older kids and Nerf gun enthusiasts! Step into the arena and put your marksmanship to the test as you take aim at targets hidden within the camouflage design. Whether you're battling against friends or honing your solo shooting skills, the Camo Combat Challenge offers adrenaline-fueled excitement for every participant.

Ideal for birthday parties, group gatherings, or outdoor events, the Camo Combat Challenge adds an exhilarating edge to any occasion. With its durable construction and easy setup, this inflatable game ensures a seamless and thrilling experience for all players. Rent the Camo Combat Challenge today and embark on an epic Nerf battle like never before!

Who is this for? Kids 3 and up.

How many at a time? 1

Safety Features: Safety mesh on the side for by-passers.

Setup Area: 12 L X 4 W X 9 H

Circuits: 1

Product Id: 619 - Camo Combat

Customer Reviews
Camouflage Fun Fact
Did you know that some animals not only change their color but also their texture to blend in with their surroundings? For example, the cuttlefish, a marine animal, can not only change its color but also alter the texture of its skin to mimic the patterns and shapes of objects around it. This remarkable ability allows them to effectively camouflage themselves from predators and prey alike.
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