198 - 13x24 Jump and Steep Slide

198 - 13x24 Jump and Steep Slide

    • Setup Area: 15 Ft Left to Right x 26 Ft Front to Back x 14 Ft High
    • Dedicated Circuits: 1
    • How Many Kids: Up to 8.
    • Best Age Group: Older kids.

    • $325.00
    • Add To Party

Calling all thrill seekers! This one is for you.
Who is ready for an adrenaline rush? This slide is massive! Ease in through the large bouncing area (1) and settle in with a game of basketball (2) .

Once you have gathered you nerves ascend the climbing wall (3) to the top of the slide (4) .
Take a deep breath, out to three and get ready for a ride that is sure to bring a smile to everyone's face.

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