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105 - 13x13 Glittery Jump


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Glittery 13x13

Transform your party atmosphere with our enchanting 13x13 Glittery Bounce House rental! Perfect for all ages, it infuses a touch of magic into any celebration. With its shimmering exterior and welcoming design, this bounce house guarantees endless hours of fun and creates truly unforgettable moments.

Ideal for glittery birthday parties, this dazzling attraction adds an extra layer of sparkle and excitement to your festivities. Whether it's children or adults, everyone will be entranced by the shimmering exterior and inviting design. Witness as guests bounce and play, forging cherished memories that will endure a lifetime. With our bounce house rental, your party is destined to become the talk of the town, ensuring a magical experience for all!

Who is this for? Kids of all ages.

How many at a time? 6-8

Basketball Hoop? 0

Safety Features: Giant mesh windows ensure visibility from all angles.

Setup Area: 17 L X 15 W X 12 H

Circuits: 1

Product Id: 105 - 13x13 Glittery

Customer Reviews
Glittery Fun Facts
1. **Shimmering Fun**: Glittery bounce houses are like jumping on a giant bed of sparkling stars! The glittery material adds a magical touch to the bouncing experience.

2. **Safe and Non-Toxic**: The glitter used in bounce houses is always safe and non-toxic, so kids can bounce away without worry about their health or safety.

3. **Different Colors**: Glittery bounce houses come in various glitter colors, from silver and gold to vibrant shades like pink and blue, letting kids choose their favorite sparkling theme.

4. **Glitter Magic**: The glitter on bounce houses is part of the fabric, ensuring that it won't rub off on clothes or skin, providing kids with a safe and mess-free bouncing experience.

5. **Easy and Mess-Free**: Unlike loose glitter, there's no cleanup required with glittery bounce houses, making them hassle-free for parents and caregivers.


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