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  Interactive Inflatables

Interactive inflatable rentals are bouncy, colorful, and perfect for parties! They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and offer hours of fun for both kids and adults. They're an exciting and engaging way to keep guests entertained at your event. Rent one and let the fun begin! And if you want to filter click here

282 - Obstacle Course - 33 Ft with 8 Ft Slide
<small>282 - Obstacle Course - 33 Ft with 8 Ft Slide</small>
285 - Obstacle Course - 33 Ft with 10 Ft Slide Toxic
<small>285 - Obstacle Course - 33 Ft with 10 Ft Slide Toxic</small>
284 - Obstacle Course - 35 Ft with 10 Ft Slide
<small>284 - Obstacle Course - 35 Ft with 10 Ft Slide</small>
277 - Obstacle Course - 65 Ft with 17 Ft Slide
<small>277 - Obstacle Course - 65 Ft with 17 Ft Slide</small>
228 - Hungry Hippo
<small>228 - Hungry Hippo</small>
227 - Wrecking Ball
<small>227 - Wrecking Ball</small>
290 - Axe Throw Challenge
<small>290 - Axe Throw Challenge</small>
295 - Velcro Sticky Wall

<small>295 - Velcro Sticky Wall</small><br><br>
229 - Slam Dunk Basketball

<small>229 - Slam Dunk Basketball</small><br><br>
296 - Bungee Run Toxic

<small>296 - Bungee Run Toxic</small><br><br>
304 - 17 Ft Dry Slide
<small>304 - 17 Ft Dry Slide</small>
605 - Soccer Darts
<small>605 - Soccer Darts</small>
283 - 24 Ft Disco Jump

<small>283 - 24 Ft Disco Jump<BR><BR></small>
241 - Giant Corn Hole
<small>241 - Giant Corn Hole</small>
226 - Human Whack A Mole
<small>226 - Human Whack A Mole</small>
230 - Jacob's Ladder
<small>230 - Jacob's Ladder</small>

Obstacle Course Rentals
Featured Interactive Inflatable
Radical 100 Foot Obstacle Course
The size of course! This obstacle course is HUGE! If you are looking for a real challenge or just to keep everyone happy and entertained for hours and hours this obstacle course is perfect! There is a nearly endless assortment of tunnels, pop-ups, climbing walls, slides, and other obstacles to get though before you can reach the end and claim your prize. This really is one piece that has something for everyone.
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Our Interactive Inflatables

The ultimate in sports inflatables - inflatable sports games are a great option for parties and events where you want a lot of fun, a little friendly competition, and a high volume flow-through that allows all guests to have multiple turns. Sports & interactive inflatables always are a hit to test one's skills and face off against an opponent. Interactive games are perfect for corporate picnics, community events, church outreach activities and so much more! All of our interactive inflatables are cleaned, sanitized, and properly installed for your guest's safety.

Axe Throwing

Ax throwing has been known as a very exciting but dangerous game over the years. From seeing them on TV shows, or maybe even at a circus or carnival they have always been proven to draw the attention of curious crowds. Now you can bring this to the enjoyment of your own event because it has been made into an inflatable and has become completely safe for kids and adults. Bring out your inner western and challenge a friend to an Axe throw competition that will be loads of fun. It can be used indoors or outdoors. This is a great game for Carnivals, Birthday Parties, or Team Building. This Game comes with a specially designed Velcro Axe. The Object of the game is to get it as close to the center as you can. The idea is to split up into teams or individuals so that the players will go head to head against each other to see who is the most accurate AXE-man or woman of all time. Get booked for your event today!!

Fremont's Best Place For Interactive Inflatable Rentals

Step right up to the best Yard and Carnival Game Rentals in Fremont! Bring the crowd together with party games that can be set up at many locations. Many of our party games can be set up indoors or outdoors. Be sure to also check out our concessions to make your company picnic or school event complete with fun foods. Carnival game rentals are a perfect add-on to your party or event and provide an activity that kids of all ages can enjoy. Don't be fooled by how simple some of these games look as you will be surprised at how much skill you may need! Games are an inexpensive add-on or can be the entire theme of your party. Carnival-themed events are super easy to put together with the right decorations and the perfect carnival game rentals from Party With 630.

Do We Deliver Interactive Inflatables Fremont?

Party With 630 loves to work with our Schools, Churches and local businesses. We are proud to say we provide the largest selection of rental items the Bay has to offer! In addition to our Jumper Rentals, we also have a variety of Jumpers with Slides, Water Slides, Interactive Inflatables, Sports Inflatables, Mini Golf Rentals, Giant Games, Classic Yard Games and Concessions Machines to make party snacks like popcorn, cotton candy and snow cone machines. We also have tents, tables, chairs and other party extras to give your guests a place to sit, relax and socialize out of the weather.

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Proud to Serve The Following Areas with Free Delivery:

If your party or event is beyond that radius, just let us know! We may be able to make special accommodations to suit your event with a delivery fee if you are flexible.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Interactive Inflatable Rentals

How do I know what's available? Do I have to email? It's 2 am, can I call now?

You could Order By Date with Real-time Availability (what you see after selecting date is what's actually available) or browse the web site except you will have to check availability for each item.

Something got damaged while I had it, will I have to pay for it?

Do we have to the inflatable plugged in the entire time?

Yes. A blower keeps air in the jump unit the entire time. Once unplugged they deflate. That's why we require an outlet within 50 feet of the unit or a generator. Longer cords can pop your circuit breaker so we bring our own heavy duty cords.

Do you have insurance? I think we need it for our event.

We sure do! If you need proof of insurance it's free and takes a few minutes. We just go online and send you the proof. Your venue or park can verify status by calling the Insurance company directly.

I paid deposit already and I want to move my event to a much later date, can I do that?

Sure you can! Deposits are held for 13 months automatically in our system if you call to cancel. If the same items are available on the new date you choose than switching is quick and easy.


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