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Dinosaur Slide

172 - 13x31 Dinosaur Jump and Big Slide


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Dinosaur with Slide

Throw the most prehistoric party extravaganza with our 13x31 Dinosaur Bounce House Rental with slide! The perfect addition to any birthday bash or event, this dinosaur-themed bounce house is an absolute hit with kids and adults alike. With inflatables inside, inflatable obstacles, a basketball hoop, and an exciting slide, it guarantees endless hours of active fun and friendly competitions. But that's not all – up front, lifelike 3D dinosaurs create an immersive experience like no other, sparking children's imaginations and transporting them back in time.

Who is this for? Kids of all ages.

How many at a time? 6-8

Basketball Hoop? 1

Safety Features: Giant mesh windows ensure visibility from all angles.

Setup Area: 17 L X 33 W X 18 H

Circuits: 2

Product Id: 172 - 13x31 Dinosaur

Customer Reviews
Fun Dino Trivia
1. **Flying Dinosaurs**: Not all dinosaurs were land-dwellers. Pterosaurs were flying reptiles from the same time as dinosaurs. They had wings and could glide through the skies.

2. **Feathered Friends**: Some dinosaurs had feathers! The Velociraptor and Archaeopteryx are examples of dinosaurs that had feathers, similar to modern birds.

3. **Dino Sizes**: Dinosaurs came in all sizes. The smallest dinosaurs were about the size of a chicken, while the largest, like the Argentinosaurus, could be as long as 100 feet, about the length of two school buses!

4. **Swimming Dinosaurs**: Not all dinosaurs walked on land. Some, like the Plesiosaurus and Ichthyosaurus, were excellent swimmers and lived in the oceans during the dinosaur age.

5. **Dino Footprints**: Dinosaur footprints, or tracks, have been found all around the world. These tracks help scientists learn about their sizes, movements, and behaviors.
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