Frequently Asked Questions by Others

No need to do that, just click on whatever it is you want and the web site will tell you if it's available. You can do it from your Desktop, Tablet or Smart Phone. It's really that simple!

You could Order By Date w/Real-time Availability(what you see after selecting date is what's actually available) or browse the web site except you will have to check availability for each item.
We sure do! We've been insured for the last 13 years.

If you need proof of insurance it's free and takes a few minutes. We just go online and send you the proof. Your venue or park can verify status by calling the Insurance company directly.

Some locations will ask you for a Certificate Of Insurance. There is a $30 administration fee to cover this and takes 2-3 days. Additionally insured adds no additional fee.

Very rare a venue or park will ask for an Endorsement and the fee for this is $120.