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Arcade Classics Terminator 2

Arcade Classics Terminator 2


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for 6 fun hours
or save & party all weekend!
Next Morning Pickup $325.00
Fri 3pm to Sun 3pm $375.00
AboutRent this classic retro shooting arcade game for your next special event. This game is a classic Terminator 2 themed arcade game rental and includes 17 of the most classic games. Requires 1 outlet. Arcade games must be set up indoors only or under a shaded area when placed outdoors. They can not be set up in direct sunlight.


Game List


2. Area 51

3. Area 51 Maximum

3. Carn Evil

4. Jurassic Park

5. Lethal Enforcers

6. Operation Thunderbolt

7. Point Black

8. Point Black 2

9. Police Trainer

10. Rapid Fire

11. Revolution X

12. Steel Gunner

13. Terminator 2: Judgment Day

14. Time Crisis 2

15. vs Duck Hunt

15. vs Hogan's Alley

16. Zero Point

17. Zombie Raid


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