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Giant Jenga

500 - Giant Games Jenga


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Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga is a towering fun! Pull blocks, don't let it fall! Compete, laugh, and have a blast with colossal wooden stacks. Ready to defy gravity and be the champion? Let the giant-sized excitement begin!

Who is this for? Kids of all ages.

How many at a time? 2 - 4

Safety Features: Classic Jenga game in larger size.

Monitors: 500 - Jenga

Customer Reviews
Jenga Fun Fact
Did you know that the world record for the tallest Jenga tower ever built was 40 levels high? It was constructed using 2,700 individual blocks and reached an impressive height of 8 feet and 6 inches! Just imagine the suspense and excitement as players carefully removed and stacked each block, hoping the tower wouldn't come crashing down. Jenga truly takes the concept of "building up" to new heights, both literally and figuratively!
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