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33 Ft Obstacle Course Toxic

285 - Obstacle Course - 33 Ft with 10 Ft Slide Toxic


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Obstacle 33 Ft with Slide

DANGER DANGER FUN AHEAD. Climb through the front, up the climbing wall, down the slide, through the popups, squeeze through the tubes and slide through the tunnel before reaching the finish line. This awesome fun filled obstacle course not only offers all the jumping and climbing and sliding everyone is sure to enjoy but lets you compete against your friends in a race to the finish. This obstacle course is large but yet small enough to fit most yards.

Who is this for? Kids of all ages.

How many at a time? 4

Safety Features: Mesh on top of slide to avoid falls from highest point of obstacle.

Setup Area: 38 L X 14 W X 13 H

Circuits: 2

Product Id: 285 - 33 ft Obstacle Toxic

Customer Reviews
Obstacle Fun Fact
Is considered an obstacle course when it is designed with various obstacles, challenges, and activities that participants must navigate through. These obstacles can include things like tunnels, slides, climbing walls, balance beams, and more. The inflatable obstacle course is typically set up in a linear or circuit layout, challenging participants to complete the course in the fastest time possible or to overcome specific obstacles along the way. These inflatable obstacle courses are popular at events, parties, and recreational facilities for both kids and adults to enjoy.


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