226 - Human Whack A Mole

Human Whack A Mole

    • Blower(s): 1
    • Setup Area: 16 Ft Round x 8 H
    • Number of Kids At A Time: 2-5
    • Recommended Age: 5+

    • 250.00
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Human Whack A Mole needs no description as it has been a known game since childhood, you can choose to be the whacker or be one of the moles, the objective is just as we know it, run around inside the holes and pop out for an instance then go back in and at a random other or the same. The point is to confuse or have the whacker fool throughout the game so that he can't score in individual or a team base game. And as a whacker your objective is very simple... whack everything that pops out, nothing much to it.