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Crayons Slide

155 - 16x18 Crayons Jump and Big Slide


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Crayons with Slide

Welcome to a world of aquatic wonder with our amazing 16x18 bounce house rental, perfect for your little ones and their friends! This inflatable paradise is not just any bounce house; it's a magical ticket to underwater excitement that will make your children feel like whimsical mermaids and adventurous explorers. With a climbing section, a thrilling slide, inflatable obstacles to conquer, and even a basketball hoop for added fun, this vibrant and charming design promises hours of non-stop entertainment. The vivid colors and captivating features of our bounce house rental with a huge slide create an immersive oceanic experience that your kids will adore, ensuring your event, whether it's a birthday party, a family gathering, or any special occasion, is filled with laughter and joy.

But that's not all! Our bounce house rental with a huge slide is more than just an attraction; it's a promise of unforgettable memories that will warm your heart. Let this unique experience be the centerpiece of your gathering, where your children and their friends embark on an extraordinary adventure. Reserve your underwater paradise today and turn your event into a memorable and enchanting day for your little ones. Don't miss out on the opportunity to create cherished moments that you, as a mom, will treasure forever.

Who is this for? Kids of all ages.

How many at a time? 6-8

Basketball Hoop? 1

Safety Features: Giant mesh windows ensure visibility from all angles.

Setup Area: 16 L X 20 W X 14 H

Circuits: 2

Product Id: 155 - 16x18 Crayons

Customer Reviews
Crayons Fun Fact.
1. Crayons were invented in 1903 by Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith, who wanted to create a safe and non-toxic coloring tool for children to use.

2. Crayons come in a wide variety of colors, allowing kids to unleash their creativity and imagination while coloring.

3. Crayons are a popular choice for art projects and crafts because they are easy to use, mess-free, and can be easily blended to create new colors.


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