107 - 13x13 Nerf Jump

107 - 13x13 Nerf Jump

    • Setup Area: 15 Ft Left to Right x 17 Ft Front to Back x 12 Ft High
    • Dedicated Circuits: 1
    • How Many Kids: Up to 10.
    • Best Age Group: All ages.

    • $250.00
    • Add To Party

Gather your blasters and darts and get ready for an epic battle! When the war has been won gather the soldiers and climb on in to the large bouncing area. There is even a basketball hoop outside for you to challenge your friends to another round.

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  • What is this? Describe the inflatable with one sentence.
  • What's so special about it? This where you push what's so awesome about it and a safety feature. Also describe what's a 4 in 1, 5 in 1, 6 in 1. Here's an example. In the inside there's a bounce area (1), basketball hoop (2), inflatable pop ups (3), inflatable donut (4) to crawl through and a climbing section (5) to the huge slide (6)!
  • What age is this recommend for?  Talk about who it's for and why. Give ages if smaller slide.
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