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104 - 13x13 Pink Unicorn Jump


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for 6 fun hours
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Unicorn 13x13

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Who is this for? Kids of all ages.

How many at a time? 6-8

Basketball Hoop? 1

Safety Features: Giant mesh windows ensure visibility from all angles.

Setup Area: 18 L x 16 W x 14 H

Circuits: 2

Product Id: 104 - 13x13 Unicorn

Customer Reviews
Unicorn Fun Facts
1. **Unicorns are mythical creatures:** Unicorns are legendary creatures that have been part of folklore and mythology for centuries. They are often depicted as horse-like creatures with a single horn protruding from their forehead.

2. **Often confused with Pegasus:** Unicorns are sometimes confused with another mythical creature called Pegasus. While both are depicted as horse-like creatures, Pegasus has wings and can fly, whereas unicorns typically do not have wings.

3. **Symbol of purity and grace:** Unicorns are often associated with qualities such as purity, grace, and innocence. They are frequently portrayed as gentle and kind creatures in stories and fairy tales.

4. **Magical powers:** In many stories, unicorns are believed to possess magical powers. They are often said to have the ability to heal sickness and purify water with their horns.

5. **Unicorn horns were believed to have healing properties:** In medieval times, unicorn horns were highly prized and believed to have the power to cure ailments and neutralize poisons. However, these "unicorn horns" were often just narwhal tusks or other animal horns.
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