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We love Yelp because it is reviews by parents, school coordinators, church staff, corporate and event planners giving us real, honest feedback. With that in mind we're going to embed actual reviews on this page. You can click on them and it will take you to the actual review on Yelp.

I think you will be confident to see our progression over the last 10 years. We promise treat you how we would want to be treated. Your party is as important as ours. Your kid's safety comes first. In conclusion we care about doing our very best, every time. Visit Yelp page here ---->

Why Rent With Party With 630?

George took over 630 Jump 09/2009

This review below is why I fired the owners and took over. This was an order that never made it to the schedule. It wasn't handled correctly over the phone either. At the time I was just a delivery guy and I didn't deal with the phones or emails so never even knew how mad the person was. I was just told go deliver and when I couldn't make it on time to the warehouse and than him I was told to forget about it. I fired the owners a week later and vowed to treat people how I expected to be treated and never get a review like that again.

I had the second inventory driven, automated system in California and never looked back. Dumped all of the old inflatables, tables and chairs and changed procedures on pretty much everything. I actually don't mind that review. I hate that it happened but it serves as a reminder to me why customer service is super important. Most people wont ever even see it because it's 10 years old on Yelp's page but I have no problem showing it here. It's who i worked for and not who we are today. Thank you for letting me rant. -- George