480 - Water Tag

Water Tag For 18 Players

    • Number of Kids At A Time: 14
    • Recommended Age: 4+

    • 225.00
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On hot days, ditch the Nerf party and grab a water tag soaker and vest instead! Hide behind the inflatable bunkers for protection or run through the middle of the field and take one for the team! Play team versus team of 10 on 10 players or play free for all. You soak your opponent Players until their vest tells you they are done. This water tag rental is so much fun for all ages with the included inflatable bunkers, water soakers and vests.
If the the weather changes feel free to change to a Nerf party instead. Please request this 48 hours in advance as it may have to be arrange on route for delivery with a proper anticipation and consult with office with the current available soakers/vests based on request since it can be also an add on for water slide events.

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