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285 - Obstacle Course - 33 Ft with 10 Ft Slide

285 - Obstacle Course - 33 Ft with 10 Ft Slide

    • Setup Area: 14 Ft Left to Right x 35 Ft Front to Back x 13 Ft High

    • $350.00
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Challenge your friends in this head to head race. Climb through the front, up the climbing wall, down the slide, through the popups, squeeze through the tubes and slide through the tunnel before reaching the finish line. This awesome fun filled obstacle course not only offers all the jumping and climbing and sliding everyone is sure to enjoy but lets you compete against your friends in a race to the finish. This obstacle course is large enough to keep everyone entertained while still being small enough to fit most yards.

33 Feet of Pure Excitement! Fun Obstacle Course for younger kids. This is one of our most compact obstacle that can actually fit in a small space if you have enough room such as the 35 Ft required for the set up, comes with a small 10 Ft slide that can also keep entertained to those hyperactive ones.

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